Buttons are not links

Time and time again I come across someone either online or in code review who uses a button instead of a link. Most prominently this happens in SPA contexts.

Released: 5. Jan 2022
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Last week I came across this one again. What do I talk about?

<button onclick="location='/sins'">Other Page</button>

What's the problem with this one?

Often, when I comment about this, the other side says that I'm normally one of the guys to push for button elements instead of div elements with custom JS.
That's completely right, but only because one element is semantic and correct in other places, it's not always the right fit.

A better solution

Use links!

<a href="/webdev-sins">Other Page</a>

It's so simple and works every time. It even works when your JavaScript fails to load, or is broken.
It also ensures that all your content is deep linkable.

But I'm building a SPA...

Yeah, I bet you are, but that's about the only case where I saw people doing this.
Only because you're not wanting to do the a tag action, you probably should still use it, because it gives you a lot of a11y by default and is also more semantic.

But I don't want to do a full reload...

An a tag is not magic. It just triggers a click event which you can listen for and prevent the default on. Then you can just do what you'd do with the button anyways.

const navigate = (e) => { e.preventDefault(); alert(`Would navigate to: ${e.target.href}`); return false; };
<a href="/webdev-sins" onclick="navigate(event)">Other Page</a>

Other Page

To put it in a nutshell

If you want to redirect a user to a completely new view, which should be reachable from outside (e.g. via a direct deep link), you want to use an a tag. If it's something that only makes sense during an ongoing session or does something on the current view as it appears to the user (e.g. add something to a todo list) a button is fine.

If you're doing a SPA, it might be reasonable to prevent the default event handler of a link and intercept it with the logic you would tie to the button like a showed above.